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No one likes stretch marks, but there wasn't much we could do about them until now. There's a new laser treatment called CoolBeam that could help eliminate those body scars. I was in Los Angeles recently and met with one of CoolBeam's inventors. Simon, what exactly is a stretch mark, and why do we get themé Stretch mark happens when your body goes through rapid growth, either through during pregnancy ____ or you go through a rapid growth doing when they go through growth cycle. Or you can get 'em bodybuilders could get 'em. Any weight loss or weight gain could cause you to have stretch marks too.

And when you look at a stretch mark, you feel that indentation. Is the skin tearing or is it the tissue underneathé What gives it that appearanceé Basically, in laymen's terms, your body grows faster than it can build up new collagen. So the skin becomes very thin in some areas, kind of cracking open. That's why we call stretch marks. Kind of affecting, the cracks open to make room for the skin to grow faster. So here's Natascha. She's in great shape. She's young and she's fit. She takes care of herself, yet she has tremendous stretch marks.

I had a son when I was nineteen years old. And I got a lot of stretch marks from giving birth. And it's something I've lived with through my early twenties and now my late twenties and something that I'm very selfconscious about. I can't go on the beach in a bikini. I can't wear low jeans. And it's something I just really would like to get rid of. Could that have been predicted or prevented in any wayé I wish there was a way that I could tell people to prevent all their stretch marks, but there really isn't. If you go through pregnancy and you genetically are predisposed to getting stretch marks, you're gonna get 'em. Now, up until now, there really hasn't been a laser that's been effective in terms of treating stretch marks. How does this worké

It works by producing new collagen underneath your skin to build up the areas of the skin that you lost your collagen. And also, add new color to the areas of the stretch marks that have lost their pigmentation. And in the meantime, I'm going to have you wear these cool glasses. Okay. When you first do the treatment, your skin turns red like a cooked lobster. But then laughter it starts to peel, and your skin goes through a lot of peeling. And then brand new collagen starts to build up in that area. And that's when it starts to fill up in the areas that you are lacking collagen. Is it uncomfortableé

No, not at all. You'll find stretch marks on girls' breasts if they grow too quickly. Men, all types of locations. Are there certain locations where you cannot use the CoolBeam laseré The lasers have been used for the past 30 years, and they are one of the safest modalities to use in medicine. So it's safe to be used on breasts, on reproductive organs, around your arms, everywhere in the body without having any longterm side effects. What else can you use this kind of treatment foré We have used it for chicken pox marks. We have used it for treatment of acne scars. And we have used it for people who have fine lines.

Also, it causes it to sand the skin down to make it more level to the areas of the valleys and peaks. So make everything more even throughout the skin. So in effect, yes, it will get rid of a lot of the ice pick scars and those acne scars that people get in all stages of their lives. Voila.Great. We're all done. All right. So now I'm going to numb the area again. And we're gonna see you in a couple weeks here. Wonderful.All right. Tell me, ultimately, what Natascha is going to see when this is all said and done.

Amazon Youyaner Derma Roller Kit Review Micro Needling for Scars Wrinkles Stretchmarks 50 Off

I'm a big fan of Derma rolling and Ijust wanted to share a little bit about why this particular derma rollingsystem is my favorite what really sets it apart is not onlydoes it have the titanium needles but it has interchangeable heads andthat makes it really useful in a way that other %uh systems aren't it comes with eighty .7 fivemillimeter played and this one is particularly good foryour face

you definitely don't want to ever useanything bigger than 1.5 on your face and last you are a specialist becauseyou could damage your skin but the point seven five is perfect a it gets really great results on yourface it also comes with 2.75 that's a little bit smaller seeking usethat around your eye area and that works really well and thenmy favorite one is the 1.00 millimeter reason why likethis one is a guest stars really well and I've had three Csections so thisone has made

them the men's difference in the amountof scarring that I have on my stomach so it's been really really impressivebut I love the face 12 it's helped a lot with my fine lines and wrinkles I'm 33 almost thirty fouryearsold soI'm starting to see some those wrinkles pop up and it's amazing how quickly I this really makes a big difference ina a quality of your skin a couple notes what I like to do it comes with a oncase

I like to put some rubbing alcoholinside the case before you use it any just thought the on needles in there for about a minuteor so before you use and that make sure the sterilize thatbeforehand are you just run it across the face a couple of timeseach direction or across your scar whatever it is that you're trying toimprove and that's about it then you can use an antiseptic cream om

to make sure that you don't get anyinfections in the area and then you can use your favorite I'll lotion if you'd like when you'redone because it actually will absorb a littlebit better after you've done this treatment so it'sgood he's nice high quality askin care product to really enhanceyour results but this is a really great Germanrolling system I highly recommend it i've seen greatresults and relatively short amount of

time so I would highly recommend it.

5 Derma Roller Dangers You Must Avoid to Stop Micro NeedlingDermal Needling Side Effects Part I

Derma Roller can boost collagen productionand reduce the appearance of wrinkles scars and stretch marks along withother antiaging benefits however you can get side effects if you make these5 mistakes in depth information please visit the link belowmistake one derma rolling with a dirty roller you should never startedtreatment without disinfecting your Dermaroller first a dirty roller canintroduce bacteria into your skin that's causing inflammation or infection youshould disinfect your roller by soaking it with isopropyl alcoholhydrogen peroxide or danger tablets for several

minutes before and after yourtreatment mistake two derma rolling with out cleaningyour skin Since dermal Rolling produces thousands of microchannel into your skincleaning your skin with a cleanser or alcohol before treatment it will removethe dirt and impurities thus preventing them from entering into yourskin through the micro channels thus causing an infectionMistake three treating Keloid scarring Keloid scarring is an abnormal skincondition caused by excessive amount of collagen growth during the healingprocess since derma rolling triggers your

body's healing mechanism treatingkeloid scars with a derma roller will actually worsen your conditionmistake four perform more than one treatment per daycontrary to popular belief more treatments will not get you betterresults having more than one treatment per day willincrease the redness irritation and slow down the recovery time there's also arisk of getting an infection and ugly temporary needle marks you should avoid havingmore than one treatment per day mistake fiveusing skin care products with irritating or

toxic ingredients since Dermarollertreatment intensifies the absorption of topical products Applying products withirritating or toxic ingredient can result in increased irritation ortoxicity in your bloodstream if you're unsure about the ingredients in yourproduct just do not apply it on your skin immediately after treatmentwait for at least 24 hours before applying below is the common list ofingredients to avoid hydroquinone alpha or beta hydroxy acids glycolic acidsalicylic acid trichloroacetic acid paraben preservatives fragrance

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