Painful New Stretch Marks

Wrist Pain with Bicep Curls NOT ANYMORE

What's up, guysé Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. Do you get wrist pain when you do BarbellCurlsé Not necessarily dumbbells, but wrist pain when you do Barbell Curlsé If you do, I think I can help you especiallyif you're getting pain on the inside near the pinkie right here at the base of the wristwhen you're curling. See we have to look at what's going on tounderstand why that might be happening, and then I'm going to show you something you mightbe able to do to help alleviate that. When we curl, the problem is, we're basicallycurling with a fixed bar, obviously, if we're

using a straight bar. And this fixed bar forces our hands into adegree of supination that we may not be either able to achieve or comfortable with because in order to get to a straight bar, we haveto really get our supination all the way up until it's flat enough to be able to supporta bar. When we use dumbbells, we can kind of cheatthat a little bit and have our hands even just a little bit more pronated, k, this direction,so that when we curl, we don't have to feel that extreme range ofmotion. Well, what happens there is, if you

take a closer look, the extensor carpi ulnarisis a muscle that runs on the backside of our forearm and runs through the wrist and attaches toour fifth metacarpal, or our little pinkie bone here. When we pronate our forearm here,it has a nice straight path from here straight through. It gets to run with little tension and torquestraight up to its destination right up here, again, on the base of that metacarpal. If we supinate the wrist, though, as we wouldwith a Barbell Curl, now all of a sudden,

and I have to actually turn because I can'tget there comfortably, and you can see the difference how difficult it is to get a lot of supinationthere, we now have changed the path of that tendon. You can see that now it doesn't gostraight. Now it kind of angles off at a 30 degree angle.What's happening there is, now we're creating torque, and once we have a torqued tendon, you're going to go add tension to it withthe bar, and over time if you start curling like that and you don't have adequate flexibilityand mobility in that tendon, you're going

to have problems. So, what can we do about ité You can try toincrease your own supination mobility at your wrist. And what you do is, you want to startby putting your elbow in at 90 degrees, and I'll tell you why in one second, and yougrab the area, the meaty area of your wrist below your hand. You don't want to grab yourhand because it's possible to torque and twist your hand without ever really influencing the true supinationat the forearm. So, you grab the meaty area of the wrist here when you're in this 90 degreeposition, and you're just turning

and you try to stretch it for about 20 to30 seconds. You let it go, grab for a little bit more range if you have it, and you turnagain. 20 or 30 seconds. Let it rest, and then do it again if you cangrab a little bit more available range. You could even do a little bit of contractrelaxwhere once you're in this end position, you try to pull your hand back against theresistance for about 5 seconds, and then let it go. And you might find that you can geteven a little bit more motion. The next thing you want to do is make surethat you're not also exacerbating this problem by consciously trying to involve your forearmsin your curl. We've talked about that before.

Best Way to Get Rid of Old Stretch Marks

What is the best way to get rid of old stretchmarksé I can't stand looking at these marks in the mirror anymore. Have another baby so that the new stretchmarks cover them up. I'm serious. And don't you dare suggest aCesarean section. Prevention would have been easier. Preventioné But then I wouldn't have had acute little baby at the end. I meant applying moisturizing creams as everythingexpanded or minimized weight gain so your skin didn't have to stretch more than it hadto.

Will moisturizing creams work nowé It will reduce their appearance, but it won'teliminate them. Kind of like wrinkle cream whose job is tohide the wrinkles. Makeup would work if you really wanted to. So would stretch pants and long shirts. ButI don't want to cover it all up. Stretch marks are scars left as the upperand lower levels of the skin separate and stretch. One of the few ways that will getrid of old stretch marks is lasers. Do I need to ask for a laser pointer for Christmasé

No. I'm referring to the same laser treatmentsthey use to burn hair follicles to leave smooth skin or burn away the upper layers of skinto eliminate tattoos. That sounds painful. I don't think it is much more painful thanthe women who get their eyebrows tweezed or threaded or otherwise plucked and pulled out. Are there herbal creams or rubs that eliminatestretch marksé No. Well, plenty sold to do that but nonethat actually do that. I heard that diaper rash creams could hidestretch marks.

Yes, but the thick layers of zinc oxide aremore obvious. I meant Vaseline. It'll moisturize the skin, giving you a healthyglow, but it won't get rid of the stretch marks.

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