Home Remedies For Stretch Mark Prevention

Home Remedies For Stretch Marks II II by Priyanka Saini

Hi friends, welcome to Priyanka's beauty health tips. The health tip i am going to give you today is for stretch marks. Yes, during pregnancy we females got so many stretch marks on our belly. And those who do gym heavily they also got the stretch marks Other than that when you loose weight, means an over weight person also got strech marks when loose weight How can you get rid of them at your home , for that i am going to tell you small tips First of all, My first tip is Egg, Take 2 eggs Separate the white portion from the yolk and beat the white portion nicely.

After beating apply this to the area where all you have got the stretch marks. after applying this leave it till it dries completely wash it off this with the cold water as soon its dries. slowly slowly there will be no stretch marks as egg white is full of protein. Second tip , take Aloe Vera Apply aloe vera gel to the areas where you have got the stretch marks. leave it until its dry then wash it off with cold water with this also your stretch marks will be no more Third tip, Vitamin E

You get capsules of Vitamin E from any medical shop Cut the capsule take out the gel in your hand and apply this get to wherever you have stretch marks, leave it for around 12 hours And it need not to wash it off as it get absorbed normally But if you want to wash it off then take a cold towel, wipe that area and clean it. with all of these tips your stretch marks will be vanished. So, how do you find our these tips, please tell us And do subscribe our channel, Thank you so much.

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