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Best Facial Cleansing Brush Review New ProNu Waterproof 4 in 1 Facial and Body Spa Kit

hi i am michelle i just want to review thepronu 4 in 1 electric cleansing facial and body kit first of all i love that it is waterproofso you can use it in the bath or shower it has 2 different speeds and 4 replaceable orreusable applicators so you can use it for different areas the applicators that are includedare the body brush this is for use on your hands and body i use this before applyingself tanner the results were amazing. just simply get it wet put some soap on it andclean the desire area. the pumice stone is great way to get rid of rough dead skin itmakes your feet very smooth to use the pumice attachment just soap your feet in warm waterfor a while and wipe dry just apply the pumice

on the foot and move in circle. the facialbrush massage the skin on your face at and it helps the absorption of cream. it leavesyour skin feeling radiant and clean. simply wet it apply your favorite cleanser and usecircular motion to clean your face the facial buffer is wonderful for sensitive skin. itmakes your skin very smooth. it allows moisturizer to absorb better. simply attach it and applyyour moisturizer and apply it circular motion. my skin has improved a lot since I startedusing the pronu device i wasn't sure how much it actually help. it really clear upacne around my chin also i love it reduce the appearance of blackheads around my nose.this is just so much more effective than using

wash cloth to clean my like face like I useto do. it completely removes the dirt and oil my face feels fresh and clean and youthful.this is a great product your skin is going to love it.

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