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Stretch Mark Removal on The s

Stretch marks so very common, Drew.That's a common problem. Anywhere from 70 to 90% of all women have stretch marks. And what are theyé They are scars in dermis and epidermis caused by a tearing or stretching of the dermal components. So she's gonna have a treatment here with fractional erbium laser resurfacing treatment. Exactly. This is the first time we can actually treat someone with silver and white stretch marks. Before this, every time I talked to a they said it's impossible, it cannot be treated. Here we go, we're gonna go ahead and treat this area. Do you feel anythingéNo, not really, no.

We actually have someone in our audience, Anna. She's another patient. I think Anna you completed a set of treatments for thisé Yes, three treatments. So I wanna do a little bit of before and after pictures if we could of your stretch marks. Applause We cannot really see the stretch marks afterwords. Is that right, Annaé Definitely. I've got amazing results. I was a bit skeptical at first. I didn't think that there was a treatment. Congratulations. Ourian, thank you so much.Thank you.

Good luck to you.Thank you.

Best Pregnancy Oil to Prevent Stretch Marks

I want to know which is the best pregnancyoil to prevent stretch marks. If body oil prevented stretch marks, you knowa lot of body builders wouldn't have to put on so much oil to hide their stretch marks. That's caused by bulking up too fast. Stretch marks are caused by the tissue expandingfaster than the skin can stretch without tearing, creating stretch marks. I knew that much. Do not use castor oil or some other purgativeto prevent the natural weight gain and growth

you'll see during pregnancy. So what can I useé You can eat foods rich in omega 3 and antioxidantsto help improve skin elasticity like salmon and spinach That makes me ill even thinking about it. Then try berries, oranges and other fruitsrich in antioxidants. And mango gives you vitamin A too. That's healthy in general.

Eating walnuts gives you omega 3 and vitaminE if meat makes you feel ill. Should I try those fruit based creams to treatmy skiné I know cucumber slices on the eyes are supposedto treat puffy eyes, but rainforest scented hair products and skin treatments that soundlike a luscious fruit smoothie aren't going to do much more than drain your budget. All you've told me so far is what not to do. Drink a lot of liquids to stay hydrated soyour body keeps the skin supple instead of dried out.

I get the same advice just to keep from gettingdehydrated from all the throwing up. I've heard of coconut oil used as a skin cleanseryou can use during pregnancy. Do avoid harsh chemicals that are in some on the shelf exfoliatingagents. That's why I asked about natural alternatives. You can try using fewer soaps to remove oilfrom your skin and pat it dry after a shower instead of harsher soaps and then adding lotions. The ultimate in allnatural. In theory, you can naturally moisturize theskin to make it more supple using shea butter,

wheatgerm oil, and cocoa butter. The last one sounds more like a dessert thana skin treatment. I've heard of people using kokum butter andalmond oil too, to keep the skin supple. Whether this is enough to prevent stretch marks entirelyor simply minimize them, I don't know. I've heard of shea butter used to treat stretchmarks after you have the kids. Stretch marks are scars, so you can't do morethan cover them up with makeup or more clothes. That's why there is so much emphasis on prevention. I've heard of onion extract and hyaluronicacid that help them fade.

If the stretch marks are still red insteadof darkened, some studies found it helped, but once they've darkened on white women andlightened on darker women, it is for life. It is all for life, just minimizing what Ihave to live with. Use sunscreen to minimize discoloration andavoid citrus oils that increase your sensitivity to sunlight. You mentioned onion extract. What do you thinkof rosemary or basil oilé On pasta it's fine, on you it is not. Andstay away from any oils that are supposed to balance hormones like sage, marjoram, myrrhor anise.

When to Use Stretch Mark Cream During Pregnancy

Do you know when to use stretch mark creamduring pregnancyé I know there are women who would use it themoment they got a positive pregnancy test if they thought it would prevent stretch marks. You have to start putting stretch mark creamor preventatives in place, because you can't get rid of scars once they form. But thosecreams have to do something, because I know people who have had three kids and don'thave stretch marks. About half of all women don't get stretchmarks. But I won't know if I'm in that half untilit is too late.

Your odds of stretch marks go up if you'recarrying multiples or gain a lot of weight over the pregnancy. I knew about the rapid weight gain. I've seen body builders with stretch marksbecause they bulked too fast. Which creams should I use to avoid stretchmarksé Aloe or something elseé Using a moisturizer reduces the odds of stretchmarks, and it will reduce the itching you may feel as things stretch out. Most of the creams I'm looking at have that.

Unfortunately, there's no cream proven toprevent stretch marks, though you can use moisturizers at any time. All you can do ishide it afterward. Or get laser scar removal. I wish I coulduse effective creams like I did for acne as a teen. Do not use RetinA while pregnant, thoughit would help. That stuff can cause birth defects. What about compounds with glycolic acid orwitch hazelé Glycolic acid isn't proven to do anything.Witch hazel is a skin conditioner, but it

doesn't prevent stretch marks. What can I doé If you develop those scars of maternity, wearthem with pride. I'd as easily be proud of the baby's spitup on my shirt. So switch to a one piece swimsuit after youhave the baby or cover yourself tactfully with sunscreen. No one in real life is goingto judge you for stretch marks. You're right. The baby fat matters more.

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