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CoolBeam Laser Treatment for Scars Stretchmarks

It was something that was really life changing for me. These women have discovered a newtreatment for scars, sun damage and even severe stretch marks being used with stunning success at Epione in Beverly Hills. The latest in laser technology called Coolbeam is being hailed as a breakthrough in cosmetic surgery. Coolbeam is great because a lot of times people get so caught up in taking care of their face, that they forget to take care of the body as well. It can erase sun damage on the d├ęcolletage, the back, it's great for scars, stretch marks, for sagging skin. It's really a miracle.

The unsightly problem of stretch mark on the abdomen, breast or thighs used to be a condition that could not be treated, much less erased. That was until Simon Ourian discovered and developed a groundbreaking fix for a body issue that plagues women of all ages. Simon Ourian: Truly it was an accident that we found out that this laser could work on stretch marks. I was treating scars and around the same scars, I noticed that some stretch marks did disappear. I lost 60 pounds. There was a lot of weight that I took off, and I had an incredible

amount of stretch marks. I must have spent maybe $1,000.00 or more on just different tubes of things that are sitting in the bottom of my sink. Of course none of it was useful, and none of it was worth any of the money I spent. Maggie finally decided to go to Epione in Beverly Hills for a free consultation. There, the experienced and educator patientcoordinators explained how the Coolbeam laser works, and whether it could work its magic on Maggie's stretch marks. Simon Ourian: It is one of the most amazingtreatments because it really works, and there really isn't anything out in the market that does the same thing, or treats the stretch

marks so quickly, so effectively and so safely. The Coolbeam laser works by literally sanding down stretch marks. Only the scar tissue is targeted, leaving healthy skin untouched. During the procedure, the entire surface of the skin is first cooled, and then a series of light pulses is flashed on the surface. The skin cells absorb the light energy causinginstantaneous vaporization of the top layer. As the light passes over your skin, a mere ten millionth of an inch of tissue is removed at a time. And this incredible control allows Ourian to treat only as deeply as needed. After the damaged skin is removed, new skin and rejuvenated collagen quickly regrows

in its place. Simon Ourian: And after three or four sessions, most people see significant improvement in their stretch marks. The laser was just a quick tapping like a it felt a little bit like little rubber bands tapping against my skin, and it was over before I even knew it. It took care of the stretch marks well enough that I no longer have to hide my abdomen from view. The procedure is virtually painless because the cold burst of air from the Coolbeam minimizes any discomfort.

Within the next four days, I saw new skin coming up to the surface, and I was excited enough to go to the gym and show everybody, quot;Look at my new skin!quot; The Coolbeam procedure is considered extremely safe. And while a pigmentation change, swelling or discomfort in the treated area may be expected, those side effects are temporary. And because Coolbeam utilizes the very latest in laser technology, it can now help people of all skin types diminish stretch marks, scars and the aging effects of the sun. Ten years ago, clients with for example a deeper skin tone or richer skin tone would not have been candidates for laser.Today that's simply not the case. Coolaser

Disgusting treatment of NZ veterans

The Minister of Veteran's Affairswill apologise to veterans who attended the 70th anniversaryof the Battle of Crete. The veterans covered alltheir own travel expenses, but the Minister received afree ride on the NZ taxpayer. Looking back on hisrecent journey to Crete, but this war veteran is concerned at the lack of governmentfinancial support. The Minister of Defence hasapologised to the veterans,

like Arthur Midwood, for their lack of support during theanniversary of the Battle of Crete. Two months following the 70thanniversary of the Battle of Crete and veteran Arthur Midwood struggled to raise themoney to make the trip. The NZ Government gave only $2000to subsidise Arthur's travel costs. A much different scenarioacross the ditch, where all Australianveterans attended

at the full expense oftheir government. This is Herema Fraser,Arthur Midwood's caregiver. She travelled with him to Crete,and paid for all her own expenses. The government is looking toreimburse all their travel costs, but it will be tough. They say things willbe different in future, when they will considercovering all travel costs including those of caregivers.

Rapaera Tawhai, Te Karere.

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