Stretch Marks On My Back From Working Out

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How to Stretch Your Chest AND HOW NOT TO

Pec Major. Pec Minor. Both serious problems if you let these thingsget tight. I'm going to show you today exactly how to stretch each one the best way. What's up, guysé Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. Today we're going to talk about the Pec Minor,the Pec Major, neither of which are unimportant especially if you want to maintain healthyshoulders in the gym. You see, these two muscles are going to wreakhavoc on your upper body, in your shoulders particularly, if you don't stretch them enough,

or more importantly, you don't know how tostretch them. So, I'm going to break out all the weapons to make sure that you do by theend of this tutorial. We're taking out Raymond. I'm going to drawall over my damn body, and I'm going to show you the stretches and exactly how you haveto do them to get the most out of this. Ok, so let's take out Raymond here and lookat the function of the Pec Major, right. We know that there are 2 portions of the PecMajor. There's the sternal portion which is righthere off of the sternum. They come out here and they fan out to a place up here on ourupper arm bone, the humerus, right about mid

sternum. So, right here is where they're inserting,ok. And then we have a clavicular portion that comes down and attaches to the same thing. So you can see that if these muscles wereto pull, they're going to pull the arm across the chest. So now, like I said, I'll writeall over my damn body. Don't think I won't guys. I hope these things do come out, though. Ifwe take our muscles here, and we look at them, they're fanning out. They're attaching tothat point that I told you about.

And from the clavicle, they're coming down.They're attaching to the point I told you about. So when I contract, you can see themuscles underlying this. That's what they're doing. They're bringing this across the body. Well,now we've got to go across. Remember the functions of these muscles. Now, you can see that if this were to gettight, in addition to being able to pull this across, it will also rotate this arm bonein, right. If it's attached to here and it gets tights,shortens, it's going to pull this in that

way. So, that's why when we get tight, wehave internally rotated shoulders like this. Internal rotation of our shoulders bringsthe whole shoulder forward. Now, we move on to the Pec Minor. The Pec Minor is actually much more importantbecause we never address this muscle and this has I think far more deepreaching implicationsto our shoulder when we don't because if you look at where the Pec Minorgoes, it goes from the 3rd, 4th, and 5th rib right here to the coracoid process right here.Now, the most important part of that is the attachment

because the coracoid process, if I spin thisguy around, you can see, it's part of the shoulder blade. It's literally part of yourshoulder blade. It's just a point on the shoulder blade. So, what happens when this muscle's tightéAnd they go from here to here, and they're tight, they're going to pull down. So nowwe get an anterior tilt of the scapula. So it's going to go this way, down and in.We're going to get a downward rotation of the shoulder blade which is down this way,ok, down that way. And then we're going to get a protraction,so the shoulder blade's going to come around

Mid Back Stretch and Rhomboid Release HOW TO TARGET THIS

What's up, guysé Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. Here's an ATHLEAN XPRESS tutorial for you thatyou're going to be able to start utilizing right away. How to start stretching out your middle back,your uppermiddle back. We all hear about the low back. One of the most ignored areas that's in needof stretching is our uppermiddle back. We feel a lot of our stress up in this area. Especially if you're doing a lot of Deadliftsand a lot of back training, you're going to

get tight in between your paraspinal musclesin between your scapula. So, we have to have a way to target that.Unfortunately, a lot of the ways that we do that, we have 3 different ways that we dothat. One of them, we'll just hang from a bar, ok.The problem with that is that we're really just working out our lats at that point because we're only working on the upward anddownward rotation of our scapula. We're doing nothing to pull our scapula around our body,so that's not going to work. Number 2. We do kind of a cross our body stretchthis way, right. This is getting a bit of

this protraction around our body, ok. This movement of the scapula out and around,but you know what happensé We get limited by our posterior capsule in our shoulder which is usually really tight in most people,especially if you're an athlete. So, this kind of gets limited by shoulder, internalshoulder tightness. So that doesn't make a good option. So thethird thing we do is, we try to do a stretch where we kind of hold on here and we sinkdown, right. That's sort of our classic lat stretch. Again,it's a lat stretch. It's not really getting

that pulling the scapula around the body. If you think about what these muscles in theback do in that area of the middle traps, the lower traps, they pull the shoulder bladesdown and back and together. So we've got to get them up, out and around.So the best way to do that is by setting up something in front of us that allows us todo this. I'm going to do it here on a cable machine.Don't worry. You do the exact same thing inside of a doorway, the exact same thing. You position yourself in between your doorway,or in this case I have my cables and you take

your right arm and you move it across yourbody so we're getting againt that bit of protractionout in front of us. Take the left arm, and you cross it over to the other one this way. And then from here, you just sink back. See,because the movement is, you want the arms to be pulled out in front of you. If I have them pulled out in front of me,we're getting that protraction. We're getting those shoulder blades pulled apart. So here, in the doorway, I'm grabbing oneframe of the door, I'm grabbing the other

frame of the door, and I sink back. Now from here, here's the key point. If youwant to get those middle traps and those lower traps, especially the lower traps, what wewant to do is we want to elevate the shoulders because wewant to depress them. We want to elevate the shoulders. And we want to do that by breathing in, lettingyour butt tuck under, breath in deep, and lift your shoulders. So, I'm sinking back, I'm breathing in andlifting the shoulders up at one time as I'm

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