Pregnant Belly Button Stretch Marks

Home Remedy to Remove Pregnancy Stretch Marks How to Erase Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Home Remedy to Remove Pregnancy Stretch Marks Ingredients for pregnancy stretch marks treatment Sugar One Tablespoon Almond oil One Teaspoon Lemon Juice One teaspoon Procedure for pregnancy stretch marks removal Mix Sugar, lemon juice, and Almond oil in a bowl. Apply this paste on stretch marks and massage it for ten minutes.

Wash it off with cold water. Repeat this procedure daily till stretch marks disappear permanently. Hope you liked our tutorial for tips on removing pregnancy stretch marks forever. Like and Subscribe.

Why is My Belly Button Brown After Pregnancy

Why is my belly button brown after pregnancyé Maybe you have not had enough time after havinga newborn to properly clean out all the lint. I have to bathe more than once a day becausethe baby peed, puked, pooped or put some other bodily fluid on me. If you just had the baby, the linea negraor dark line may not have faded yet. What causes thaté Linea negra is a dark line on the abdomenand even belly button you get due to all the melanin inducing hormones during pregnancy,sometimes causing dark splotches on the face

and dark nipples too. I did not get a dark line like that. Around three quarters of women do get it,and it could lead to a dark belly button until all those hormones flush out once the babyis born. The kid is out and about, trying to roll aroundthe floor. Remember that pregnancy stretches the abdomenimmensely. That's where stretch marks come from; itis bruising of the skin from the pregnancy. It is actually scarring. Even body builderscan get stretch marks, also known as permanent

scars, from growing their muscles too fast. So you think my belly button is scarred. The skin underneath it is, yes, which couldleave it brown even after it goes back to being an innie from being an outie duringthe pregnancy. After all, if it had to pop out to make room for the baby, discolorationafterward is reasonable. What can I do about ité During pregnancy, you can try to fight fluidretention and weight gain beyond what is healthy so the body does not stretch too much. Moisturizerscan help reduce it, but you cannot reverse

it. A lot of beauty creams would say otherwise. But you're asking me what to do about it.If it is not linea negra that is going to fade by six months post partum, it is scarringthat won't. Then you think skin lightening cream won'tmake a difference. Tanning would make more of a difference. The white lines left under the folds of fleshwould make it look weirder. Try washing the skin with soap and water andmaking sure it dries thoroughly, just in case

the dark patches are due to fungal or yeastinfections of the skin. I'd never heard of that, but the baby hashad thrush. You could have skin discolorations under thebreasts, as well, where there's a yeast rash making the skin irritated and darker.The belly button is just what you see when you wonder when your body goes back to normal.

Why is There a Line on My Stomach During Pregnancy

Why is there a line on my stomach during pregnancyé That's called the linea nigra. It is usuallya brown line going up and down the abdomen. I know that term is Latin for black line.What is it aside from thaté Around three quarters of all women get it. And some proportion get morning sickness too,so just because you get it does not mean you want it. It is caused by the body processing the melanocyteincreasing hormone that the placenta makes. That sounds like melanin.

It is like melanin too. Malanotropins, themelanocyte hormones, are hormones that trigger the creation of melanin and its release. What can I do about ité It does go away when you give birth, so onesolution is waiting until then. I would like to do something before then. You could try depigmenting agents, but talkto a about what is safe to take when you're pregnant. That's a short list.

Women who get melasma, the mask of pregnancy,get darker coloring discolorations, especially on the face. In that case, makeup to coverit up is an option, while others try microderm abrasion to get rid of that layer of the skin. So this becomes an excuse to go to the spa. The melanin production can be uneven, butcommon side effects are darker nipples and brown splotches all over the body. The challengeis finding a solution that you can literally live with. This is an annoyance I do not want to livewith.

You could try getting a tan to even out thecoloring, though you'll risk even more melanin production. I do not want to make it worse. Actually,I do not want to risk it spreading, because while a line on my belly is annoying, on myface is hard to hide short of tons of makeup or a deep facial tan. If you had melasma not due to pregnancy, they'dsay to stay out of the sunlight, especially if using chemicals to reduce the effect. Andthey'd have to stop using hormone therapy you were using that caused it.

It was missing the pill that got me in thissituation in the first place. Frankly, between the bigger boobs and stretchmarks, I doubt anyone is going to notice the modest brown line on your abdomen that isone of the few things that will fade with time. The challenge will be getting rid of the babyfat before the kid is no longer a baby.

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