Old Fashioned Way To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks

HOW TO GET RID OF STRETCH MARKS How to get rid of stretch marks FAST

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How Do Celebrities Not Get Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

How do celebrities not get stretch marks duringpregnancyé I can't figure out how they get those bodies. Some of them hire surrogates. And there isa reason adoption is popular among celebrities. I thought adopting an African baby was justthe latest chic, or a way to save at least one starving kid from that continent. Let's look at those who do carry their ownbiological kids. Those who can manage their weight gain so they don't inflate one inchfurther than they have to. And if you don't grow much, you don'tget stretch marks.

Stretch marks occur, but you minimize thedegree. And then there's the solution. What solutioné Some thousand dollar an ouncecreamé No, usually laser surgery, tummy tucks orsome combination thereof. And physical trainers. Yeah, I've heard about how they competeto get their prebaby bodies back except for the natural boob job. But that is a lot easierwhen you have a nanny to watch the kid while you work out three hours a day. And it matters a lot more if you make yourliving off your looks. But you're making

it sound like they do get stretch marks butget rid of them. Pretty much, yeah. And then there are thewomen who lose the weight and get back in shape but show off their bodies in skin tightoutfits. They show off the tight butt and abs, butyou can't see the stretch marks. Or Csection scars, to be honest. I hate the standards, as if we're not justsupposed to have a career and baby but a body like that. It's not real, which is why pretty muchno one meets those standards.

I've seen the magazine glossies. I've seen the interview with Jamie Lee Curtisand others revealing how Photoshopped those glossies are. They're so edited that youoften don't recognize the celebrities on the street. And then I guess there is the oldfashionedsolution. Dress modestlyé Body makeup and spray on tans.

Why I Love My Stretch Marks

Every woman has stretch marks. (laughs) Like really, every single woman has 'em. (hip hop music) I started noticing my stretchmarks when I started cycling I was probably in high school. I was a freshman in high school. I was walking up the stairs in my house

and my sister was like,something on your stomach. I was like no, those are stretch marks. When you're pregnant,usually everyone associates stretch marks with their belly, but my arms got bigger,'cause I gained 50 pounds. I can't remember thefirst time I realized I had my stretch marks,I've just always had them. i've never been ashamedor embarrassed of my skin

but it felt like I had scars that I didn't want on me. I thought that onlypeople who were pregnant got stretch marks, and onlygot 'em in their stomach and so I thought that something was honestly wrong with me. Well I was pregnant, and I happened to actually lose the baby,

and I didn't gain a lot ofweight from being pregnant, but I gained a lot of weightfrom the depression after so the stretch marks was like a reaction to losing the pregnancy. I've learned to love themjust because they're mine, and that, it shows me that I've grown up, and they make me feel kind of special. They're a reminder that I'm blessed

with a butt that many people would want and so, it just shows that I am a woman. It's funny, I look atthem now and I smile, 'cause they remind meof my first pregnancy and having my first daughter, so it has like good memoriesassociated with them. I really like my stretch marks, mostly because it's a kindof a fun fact about me.

And I love sort of givingthat tidbit to other people I feel like my stretch marks remind me of how much that I havechanged in the past few years, and how much stronger I've gotten. When I look at my stomach, it reminds me that there was once life here, or there can be life here in the future, so I think it's just beautiful

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