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Stretch Mark Removal on The s

Stretch marks so very common, Drew.That's a common problem. Anywhere from 70 to 90% of all women have stretch marks. And what are theyé They are scars in dermis and epidermis caused by a tearing or stretching of the dermal components. So she's gonna have a treatment here with fractional erbium laser resurfacing treatment. Exactly. This is the first time we can actually treat someone with silver and white stretch marks. Before this, every time I talked to a they said it's impossible, it cannot be treated. Here we go, we're gonna go ahead and treat this area. Do you feel anythingéNo, not really, no.

We actually have someone in our audience, Anna. She's another patient. I think Anna you completed a set of treatments for thisé Yes, three treatments. So I wanna do a little bit of before and after pictures if we could of your stretch marks. Applause We cannot really see the stretch marks afterwords. Is that right, Annaé Definitely. I've got amazing results. I was a bit skeptical at first. I didn't think that there was a treatment. Congratulations. Ourian, thank you so much.Thank you.

Good luck to you.Thank you.

Ella Bache Creme de Gommage Frissonnante Frisson Exfoliating Cream

hello and welcome to the blue navychannel is the Arabic che Kristen exfoliating cream and it's been designedfor combination to oily skin this refreshing cream helps to remove andeliminate irritations smooth your skin and give you a clear smooth lookingcomplexion it helps to restore radians and prepare your skin for your normaldaily skincare routine when your skin is stressed it produces free radicals andstores toxin this then cause your skin to become stressed dehydrated and D bytonight this is why the important to use an exfoliator to help revitalize yourskin as you can see it has a turquoise

color it has a quick take cream liketexture and a very delicate and light sent to apply use a large tab and withthe tips of your fingers massage all over your face and neck avoiding the eyearea on cleansed skin math I gently without pressing too hard and thenbrings with lukewarm or to follow with the pollard deltona you can apply in a thick layer again allover your face and neck avoiding the eye area cleansed skin leave for about two tothree minutes to let it dry and then

massage in a circular motion and ringswith lukewarm or follow with your usual toner and moisturizer you can find thisproduct at WWW don't believe they've don't know at all by clicking the link below thetutorial if you have any questions please leave them in the comments below don't forget to subscribe to our channeland you can also find us on social media Facebook Instagram and Twitter for dailybeauty tips and tricks and healthy food recipes as well thank you for watching

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