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Stretch marks so very common, Drew.That's a common problem. Anywhere from 70 to 90% of all women have stretch marks. And what are theyé They are scars in dermis and epidermis caused by a tearing or stretching of the dermal components. So she's gonna have a treatment here with fractional erbium laser resurfacing treatment. Exactly. This is the first time we can actually treat someone with silver and white stretch marks. Before this, every time I talked to a they said it's impossible, it cannot be treated. Here we go, we're gonna go ahead and treat this area. Do you feel anythingéNo, not really, no.

We actually have someone in our audience, Anna. She's another patient. I think Anna you completed a set of treatments for thisé Yes, three treatments. So I wanna do a little bit of before and after pictures if we could of your stretch marks. Applause We cannot really see the stretch marks afterwords. Is that right, Annaé Definitely. I've got amazing results. I was a bit skeptical at first. I didn't think that there was a treatment. Congratulations. Ourian, thank you so much.Thank you.

Good luck to you.Thank you.

Frank Coffee Scrub DIY get rid of Cellulite

Hiii Girls! today I'll show you how to make your own Frank Coffee Scrub to get ride of Cellulite which you have already seen all over the internet people is using this scrub to get ride of stretch mark, red and white marks and Cellulite If you're intreseted to know how, Please keep watching lt;3 The first main ingredient is Coffee Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl Melt the coconut oil before using it in the scurb

Mix it well The scrub is now ready to store, store it in any jar you may have I'll use this medium candle jar from Bath and Body works to store the scrub in I made more of the scrub so it completely fits the jar I'm using because I was planning to use this scrub frequently, once every week This scrub helps in reducing cellulite and reducing the appearance of stretch marks and red marks on your body

leaving your body super soft and smooth I downloaded this Labels from the internet and printed them on adhesive paper, or sticky papers I cut it down and paste is on my jar It's labeled Deep Detoxing Coffee Scrub Cinnamon Chai which is very similar to the ingredients you can print and use your own Now I'm using a ribbon to decorate my jar so that it looks cute and appealing to use Girls be awared! this scrub is very messy

and will fall all over the place and mess everything so its important that you use this scrub in the shower And that is it! I hope you Liked the tutorial and it benefits you in anyway If you have tried the Scrub and was effective to you please Comment and tell me how was it beneficial to you Don't forget to SUSCRIBE for more DIY's and tutorials *_* I hope you benefit from all the tutorials i'm going to publish for you lt;3

DIY Coffee Scrub How To Get Rid Of Acne Hyperpigmentation Cellulite

hey what's up you guys welcome back tomy channel my name is T'keyah you should know that by now but if notthat means you're not subscribed join the TK family if you're interested indoing that just hit the red subscribe button on the bottom of the tutorial andyou're part of the team that quickly for this tutorial its actually going to besomething a little bit different I really don't do a lot of DIYs on mychannel but when I find something really reallycool really good I have to share it with you guys

it is a DIY coffee scrub for acne forstretch marks for cellulite for dark marks for dry skin more recently my skinhas completely gone haywire I've had like laugh lines really they'vebeen really really deep and then I had hyperpigmentation on top of the laughlines actually also broke out in a heat rash and I got it all over my chestmy face the back of my neck and behind my ears because it's been pretty hot inSeattle so I've been trying to figure out ways to help balance out the melaninproduction like the hyperpigmentation the dark marks because i do have some onmy skin and it was a lot worse before i

was doing this but anyways this scrub helped with that ahundred percent and it should help for you guys as well also wanted to talkabout another mask actually really quickly I actually got this pharmacyhydrating coconut gel mask with echinacea green envy and broccoli extract which is reallycool so it's a brightening mask and three come in the box I did one yesterday oh my gosh when Italk about moisture when I talk about

balancing literally this completelyhydrated my skin and for sure helps with like the hyperpigmentation after one useit actually came in my boxy charm box and actually says on the box that it'smade exclusively for boxy charm so if you're interested in this mask you candefinitely check out boxycharm there's different masks that aretargeted towards different things so that one was like a brightening mask ithelps with melanin production it's similar to like a deep conditionermask for your hair so think about it that way

ok so now on to the DIY coffee scrub youreally only need a couple of ingredients and a lot of things should be aroundyour house and I think you want to use the darkest roast because it has thehighest concentration of caffeine in it do your Google's because I could bewrong about that. Coconut oil is very moisturizing and it also hasantibacterial benefits olive oil is another oil that really works well formy skin so that's really moisturizing as well so i can add that and then for thehyperpigmentation on the laugh lines I can add something like a vitamin eoil you see what I'm saying

you can tailor make it to whatever youneed if i wanted to do a mask what i really like to do is to have the coffee coconut oil maybe some castor oil someolive oil some honey and then you just exfoliate that around and you let thatsit for like 20 minutes or you can just do like five to ten minutes as well. I havehyperpigmentation dark marks or whatever on my arms I have an issue with like picking out ofboredom I'm just like filling my arm and I feel a little bump

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