Cover Up Stomach Stretch Marks

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How Do Fitness Models Cover Stretch Marks

How do fitness models cover stretch marksé Fitness model and mother are rarely in thesame sentence. Scratch that, because there is Fit Pregnancy magazine and fit mom contests. Fitness models are supposed to look perfect,and they have to cover up stretch marks after having a baby. It isn't just the women. Guys who bulk upfast may stretch their skin to the point of creating stretch marks, without getting anythingas annoyingly cute as a baby. I've heard of people getting stretch marksfrom rapid weight gain.

Yeah, but aside from pregnancy and an aggressiveworkout plan, that's rare. The rapid weight loss followed by loose, flapping skin is morecommon. And grosser. There are a lot of wouldbe fitness models.Every fitness buff would love to get paid to show off what they show off for free. How does that relate to my questioné To be honest, a lot of advertisers would hiresomeone without stretch marks over someone who has them if there's a choice.

And there's a lot of competition. You could refuse to bare your stomach, withjust tight yoga pants and shirt, showing off the figure but not the skin. I could get a tan. Tanning won't hide stretch marks. I could use stretch mark creams. They may lubricate the skin, but it won'thide stretch marks unless you're putting on makeup.

A spray on tan might work. Yes, and it wouldn't be out of place ona fitness shoot. A lot of oil might cover it up, too. Assuming I don't end up slipping and slidingon the floor. And then, there's Photoshop. For whaté If you have light stretch marks, photographersmight remove the stretch marks along with tan lines, tattoos, moles, scars and everyother imperfection.

Except that it's a mark of motherhood. They remove both Angelina Jolie's tattoosand her stretch marks, so consider it part of the territory.

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