Celebrities With Stretch Marks After Pregnancy

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Stretch marks so very common, Drew.That's a common problem. Anywhere from 70 to 90% of all women have stretch marks. And what are theyé They are scars in dermis and epidermis caused by a tearing or stretching of the dermal components. So she's gonna have a treatment here with fractional erbium laser resurfacing treatment. Exactly. This is the first time we can actually treat someone with silver and white stretch marks. Before this, every time I talked to a they said it's impossible, it cannot be treated. Here we go, we're gonna go ahead and treat this area. Do you feel anythingéNo, not really, no.

We actually have someone in our audience, Anna. She's another patient. I think Anna you completed a set of treatments for thisé Yes, three treatments. So I wanna do a little bit of before and after pictures if we could of your stretch marks. Applause We cannot really see the stretch marks afterwords. Is that right, Annaé Definitely. I've got amazing results. I was a bit skeptical at first. I didn't think that there was a treatment. Congratulations. Ourian, thank you so much.Thank you.

Good luck to you.Thank you.

Celebrity Stretch Mark Removal

Travis Stork: Stretch marks, so very common Drew. Andrew Ordon: Such a common problem. You know, anywherefrom 70 to 90 percent of all women have stretch marks. And what are theyé Let me show youexactly. They're scars in the dermis and epidermis caused by a tearing or stretchingof the dermal components. What that does, you lose elastin, you lose collagen, and ittranslates to those scars that you actually see on the surface. Early on, they're red.Those can be treated with a different type

of laser. Today though, we're focusing onthose old stretch marks that have been there for months or years and in her case, afterpregnancy, the two areas where women see it the most, the tummy, the breast, sometimeson the hips as well. So she's going to get a treatment here with fractional erbium laserresurfacing treatment. Simon Ourian: Exactly. This is the first time that we canactually treat some of the silver and white stretch marks. Before this, every time I talkto s, they said impossible, this cannot be treated. We have had great results. We'vebeen able to treat these stretch marks with

only one or two sessions and up to four orfive sessions, we can completely get rid of them and in many cases, just making them looka lot better makes people feel better and more confident about their body. Travis Stork: So Carrie, you've never had this done before,righté Carrie: No. Simon Ourian:

So here you go, we're gonna go ahead anddo this area. Do you feel anythingé Carrie: No, not really, no. Travis Stork: How many treatments would this requireé Simon Ourian: It usually takes anywhere from two to fivesessions to get rid of all the stretch marks. Andrew Ordon:

Yeah, because you can't go too deep at anyone session, so you do your treatment Simon Ourian: Exactly. You do as much as you can. Brooke Burke Charvet: You're not feeling any pain at allé Carrie: No, no.I can feel some warmth, but it'spainless. Travis Stork:

And we actually have someone in our audience,Ana, who.she's another patient. I think, Ana, you completed a set of treatments forthisé Ana: Yeah, three treatments. Travis Stork: So I wanted to do a little before and afterpicture, if we could, of your stretch marks. Ana: Okay.

How Do Celebrities Not Get Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

How do celebrities not get stretch marks duringpregnancyé I can't figure out how they get those bodies. Some of them hire surrogates. And there isa reason adoption is popular among celebrities. I thought adopting an African baby was justthe latest chic, or a way to save at least one starving kid from that continent. Let's look at those who do carry their ownbiological kids. Those who can manage their weight gain so they don't inflate one inchfurther than they have to. And if you don't grow much, you don'tget stretch marks.

Stretch marks occur, but you minimize thedegree. And then there's the solution. What solutioné Some thousand dollar an ouncecreamé No, usually laser surgery, tummy tucks orsome combination thereof. And physical trainers. Yeah, I've heard about how they competeto get their prebaby bodies back except for the natural boob job. But that is a lot easierwhen you have a nanny to watch the kid while you work out three hours a day. And it matters a lot more if you make yourliving off your looks. But you're making

it sound like they do get stretch marks butget rid of them. Pretty much, yeah. And then there are thewomen who lose the weight and get back in shape but show off their bodies in skin tightoutfits. They show off the tight butt and abs, butyou can't see the stretch marks. Or Csection scars, to be honest. I hate the standards, as if we're not justsupposed to have a career and baby but a body like that. It's not real, which is why pretty muchno one meets those standards.

I've seen the magazine glossies. I've seen the interview with Jamie Lee Curtisand others revealing how Photoshopped those glossies are. They're so edited that youoften don't recognize the celebrities on the street. And then I guess there is the oldfashionedsolution. Dress modestlyé Body makeup and spray on tans.

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