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How Do You Remove Stretch Marks David Reath Knoxville Plastic Surgeon

Hi everybody. I'm David Reath, and I'mgoing to talk about this week's TruthOMeter Tuesday question.The question we asked this week was basically a request from many of you from our previousweek. We asked about things that you wanted to knowabout, and one of the top things was stretch marks.So our question was this, quot;The only truly effective way to treat stretch marks is bysurgically removing the skin that contains the streth marks.quot;I would like to tell you that that was a quot;falsequot; or sort of a toss of a coin, but the factof the matter is, that's true.

The problem is this: stretch marks are reallyscars. And there's no way to eliminate a scar totally either than to remove the skin thatcontains the scar. People have tried different creams, peoplehave tried different salves, people hvae tried laser. None of these things really work onstretch marks. They're still there, and quite honestly I think the results for most of thesethings are not worth what you're going to pay for them.Now it is true that as time goes on stretch marks may fade a little bit, as do scars.But they won't go away unless you remove the skin that contains the scars.So I'm sorry to tell you all that the answer

to that is true. Most of you already knowthis, and got it right. So let's find out who won this week.Britney Phillips. Britney, congratulations, you're this week's winner.You get a $100 gift card, come on into the office. Pick that up. We'd love to see you.I thank everybody for playing this week, we had a great number of responses, and we'regoing to try to come up with a really good, interesting questionfor you again next week. So, see you then.

What Causes Stretch Marks Why Do Some Women Get Pregnancy Stretch Marks Others Dont

What causes stretch marksé Why Do Some Women Get Stretch Marks and Others Don't é It doesn't seem fair that some women get stretch marks while others still have smooth and problemfree skin after giving birth. It's one of life'sgreatest mysteries. If you have stretch marks, then you're just like millions of women (and men) out there who also face similar problems with their skin. Some studies indicate that at least half of all pregnant women get stretch marks, while other reports indicate that the percentage may be closer to 75%. Although the precise reasons for getting stretch marks have frustrated medical specialists for many years, the research I have collected havefound some evidence that the following factors

contribute significantly to the chances ofyou getting stretch marks. Genetics The predisposition for getting stretch marks during pregnancy may run in families. Essentially, if your mother has stretch marks, you'll probably get them too. The likelihood also increases if other blood relatives, such as your sisters and aunts, also have stretch marks. One study I found published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal acquired new evidence to support this belief. The researchers were able topinpoint the biochemical and metabolic differences between the skin of those who had stretch marks and of those who did not. The skin of

those who had stretch marks were severely lacking in total protein and total DNA, which impaired the ability of their skin cells toreproduce quickly or to repair skinstretching injuries.But being predisposed towards pregnancy stretch marks does not make it an absolute certainty that you'll get them. It just makes it more likely, but steps may be taken to counterit. It's just like those who are predisposed to get cancer; it doesn't mean they they'llget cancer, and they can reduce the risk by refraining from smoking cigarettes. Age

The younger you are, the more likely it isthat you'll get stretch marks during your pregnancy. One study indicated that stretch marks are much more prevalent among pregnant women in their twenties or teens, compared to those who got pregnant at a later age. This may also be a contributing factor tosome situations where a mother may have stretch marks during her first pregnancy, but didnot for the next ones. The Rate of Expansion Stretch marks also occur when the skin expands much too quickly over a very short period of time. This is why stretch marks are common during pregnancies and why teenagers experiencing

growth spurts or engaged in musclebuilding activities often develop stretch marks too. The Amount of Expansion Although skin is generally pliable and elastic, it may be stretched too far beyond its ability to revert to its former condition. This islike stretching a spring beyond its breaking point pretty soon, you end up with something that can hardly be called a spring at all! The same applies to the skin. You'll morelikely to get stretch marks if you are carrying twins or triplets, or even ifyou're just a carrying an especially large baby. Moreover, if you have more than thenormal levels of amniotic fluid, it may also

stretch your skin beyond its tolerance point. Although all these factors may play a rolein your chances of getting stretch marks, there are still steps you can take to minimizetheir effects. If you take care of your skin during your pregnancy, you may also reduce the likelihood of getting stretch marks, or at least minimize their severity. For more information, tips and guidance, you're more than welcome to visit my site, stretchmarksaid , my facebook page, my twitter timeline, and my google plus page.4 If you have any questions, you can reach me via email at amanda@stretchmarksaid .

Bodybuilding Stretch Marks Can They Be Eliminated

What's up, guys. Sean Nalewanyj here atseannal bodytransformationtruth and today I wanted to answer the questionthat I do received pretty often but that I never addressed in the tutorial which is thetopic of body building stretch marks and how to get rid of them. So, stretch marks arebasically just a result of your skin being stretched and expanded, and that causes theconnected fibers to break down and tear, and you end up with lines across your skin, whichusually start out as dark red or purple and then it gradually fade to silver or whitecolor overtime. Not everybody gets them but a pretty high percentage of serious lifterswill end up with body building stretch marks

to some degree as they gain more and moremuscle. I personally have them as well, I have them all over my body actually, on myshoulders, my biceps, my chests, my lats even on my glutes and my quads as well. So, onto the real question here, which is, is there any way to get rid of stretch marks or anyway to prevent them. The most common recommendation that you'll hear is to use different creamsand lotions on your skins, things like cocoa butter, almond oil, silicone gel or even oliveoil. There's a lot of people out there selling a lot of different products for this, butthe honest truth is that there really is no good evidence to show that any of these creamsor lotion worked for reducing stretch marks,

at least not to a significant degree. Thereis some research showing that actively massaging certain creams into the area can have a minoreffect, but whether that's from the actual cream or from the messaging is not clear andmost studies out there don't show any real benefits, so I personally would not recommendthat you go out and spend your money on this stuff because it's most likely not goingto do much of anything for you. Keep in mind that stretch marks are not just a simple surfaceissue on top of your skin, they're actually happening underneath, in the middle layerand they're essentially scars where the skin is actually torn apart. So, you justthink that rubbing a ream or a lotion o top

of your skin and have them just disappear,it's really just not realistic. Now, if your stretch marks really bother you and you'reserious about reducing them, then the only way to treat them in a more reliable way isthrough an actual hands on procedure done with a dermatologist. So, things like microdermabrasion,laser therapy or IPL, these are the only methods that have actual concrete research behindthem and showing real benefits, and that's basically the route that you're going tohave to go if you're really serious about this. However, even then keep in mind thatdepending on how severe your stretch marks are, even though its treatment don't guaranteeanything they can probably reduce the appearance

of your stretch marks but not eliminate themaltogether. And on top of that they're usually pretty expensive, they're going to requiremultiple treatments, so you're going to need to have the money, you're going toneed the time and to really dislike your stretch marks enough to bother going that route. Ipersonally don't think that body building stretch marks are that big of a deal, I actuallykind of like them in a certain way because I find they sort of serve as a reminder forthe hard work that I've putting over the years, so I've never even bother to tryto get rid of mine. And also keep in mind the stretch marks do fade overtime in mostcases, so time is going to be your best treatments

for them. The only final piece of practicaladvice that I'd give in terms of stretch mark prevention is that if you're bulking,this is just another reason why I recommend going the clean bulking route rather thanthe dirty bulking route, that just means that you should focus on maintaining a smallercalorie surplus and making gradual muscle gains overtime, while keeping fat gains ata minimum. I covered this in more detail in the previous blog post, which I'll linkin the description box but aside from all the reasons that I talked about in that post,gaining weight at an excessive pace where you're putting on muscle but also a bunchof fat as well, that's also going to increase

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