Calendula Ointment For Stretch Marks

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Healing Cream Recipe for Rough Hands Eczema Rash Gingerbread Cottage

Well, this looks interesting. (Laughter.) What's happening hereé We are not baking or cooking today. We are making a wonderful cream, a hand cream, but also a cream that should belong in everybody's first aid kit

for helping with bruises and, you know, all kinds of things. Not for open wounds, but for, they are very good for bruises and inflammations, and for rough hands, you know, where people. Okay. Yeah, things like that, okay. Yeah. So, this here, we did yesterday,

I took two cups of jojoba oil. Yeah. Which is antiinflammatory, is good for eczema, psoriasis, you know, things like that, and is used quite a bit in the cosmetics industry, jojoba oil. Mm hm. So I took two cups and I put in a handful of calendula,

which is antiinflammatory, a little bit antiviral. It's a wonderful herb. Also. Are they flowersé They are flowers, yes. Okay. It's a marigold type. Not in, doesn't belong to the family of the marigolds, but it looks like it. Okay. And then we have St. John's wort,

which is also a soothing herb. Mm hm. And which also helps with bruises, things like that. And a piece of root, about that big, from the Comphrey plant. Okay. And the comphrey plant is called boneknit. Also it helps with bone injuries, and also with other, you know,

it's a very very good. also helps if you use it internally, also called gum plant. Yeah. It helps with gums, you know, infected gums, when you use it as a gargle. Yeah. But, you know, I don't want to go that far. So this here was heated up yesterday.

Dancer Carrie Ann Inaba Relies on Arnicare to Relieve Her Aches Pains

Okay, so a lot of you have been asking what do I do right before the show . so, this is what I do hair and makeup for hours and hours and hours thank god! Thank you guys! And then, well today I worked out a little hard so today I'm using my extra Arnicare because, you know once a dancer always a dancer. Gotta make sure that the aches and pains go away.

Yes I was a dancer and I know some of you don't remember that, but I was. So, thank you Arnicare. And then also, put a little shimmer powder, make yourself a little shiny, because it's Dancing with the Stars, you gotta have the glitter. A mint so that Len and Bruno will sit next to me and be nice.

And it's show time, so, see ya out there! Bye!.

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