Treating Stretch Marks While Breastfeeding

How Do You Remove Stretch Marks David Reath Knoxville Plastic Surgeon

Hi everybody. I'm David Reath, and I'mgoing to talk about this week's TruthOMeter Tuesday question.The question we asked this week was basically a request from many of you from our previousweek. We asked about things that you wanted to knowabout, and one of the top things was stretch marks.So our question was this, quot;The only truly effective way to treat stretch marks is bysurgically removing the skin that contains the streth marks.quot;I would like to tell you that that was a quot;falsequot; or sort of a toss of a coin, but the factof the matter is, that's true.

The problem is this: stretch marks are reallyscars. And there's no way to eliminate a scar totally either than to remove the skin thatcontains the scar. People have tried different creams, peoplehave tried different salves, people hvae tried laser. None of these things really work onstretch marks. They're still there, and quite honestly I think the results for most of thesethings are not worth what you're going to pay for them.Now it is true that as time goes on stretch marks may fade a little bit, as do scars.But they won't go away unless you remove the skin that contains the scars.So I'm sorry to tell you all that the answer

to that is true. Most of you already knowthis, and got it right. So let's find out who won this week.Britney Phillips. Britney, congratulations, you're this week's winner.You get a $100 gift card, come on into the office. Pick that up. We'd love to see you.I thank everybody for playing this week, we had a great number of responses, and we'regoing to try to come up with a really good, interesting questionfor you again next week. So, see you then.

How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks Fast Naturally PermanentlySee How I Did It

how to get rid of stretch marks fast from my heads forsomething that I have to deal with ever since puberty enduring after my first pregnancy byPress grew a lot and started to see stretch marks theretoo I can lose weight but stretch marks that looks so bad Icouldn't wear bikini without feeling selfconscious I couldn't take a and I'm needed to finda solution had to a good friend of mine told meabout Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention

green and I looked it up on the Internetexcited had to give it a try I was skeptical at first because hadalready spent a lot of money on other products trying to hear that then and nothing was ever successful I wasted a lot of money but the reviewsthey were so good and it was geared towards pregnant womenso I've got some and they were giving away two free tubeswith water so that made the buying decision

even easier I started using the creamthree times a day and by the in up week to I could RTC stretch marksabreast 18 and that they're going through myhead my way they're becoming much thinner and less apparent it's been three months since I've beenusing it and how to get rid of stretch marks naturally the pregnancy and the older ones they already almost completely disappeared myskin and actually bill help here stronger and there's no new stretchmarks at all and

and getting back but he and I'm feelinggreat although the green is called stretchmarks prevention it definitely helps treat healed all all stretch marks well so that's reallycool let I'm really excited about now is that Ijust found out that and big naked and this time I don't worry about itstretch marks appearing pregnancy Revitol Stretch MarkPrevention cream is truly an amazing product and I don'tthink there's another one out there like

it use the link in the description Irby torebels home page I think that your school or in the twofree tube so actually them 1 home do

people are how to get rid of stretch marks fast them.

Pregnancy Skin Care Cure Melasma Parents

Melasmas refer to as the mask of pregnancy.Isn't that an awful nameé And it's thought to be due to a combination of the sun andthe hormones during pregnancy, and that's why it can also happen when you're on hormonalbirth control pills. So how can you prevent melasmaé The key thing is sun avoidance whileyou're pregnant, and if you are gonna be out in the sun make sure you use an SPF of atleast 30 that contains the mineral sunscreens zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. These aremuch better at blocking the rays that cause melasma. Let's say you do get melasma. Duringpregnancy, you can treat it with natural lighteners like soy, arbutin, niacinamide and kojic acid.These are available in many overthecounter

products. Once you've given birth and you'vestopped breastfeeding, then you can use hydroquinone. Hydroquinone is available over the counter,but I think the prescription strength works a lot better. Finally you can also get chemicalpeels. And for me, chemical peels, the hydroquinone, and a really good SPF are sort of the trifectaof treating melasma. Let's say you got melasma and you're treating it and you're thinkingwhy aren't I getting betteré Don't be discouraged. Melasma takes months to get better, not weeks,and sun avoidance and sun protection during that whole time are crucial.

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