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HOW TO GET RID OF STRETCH MARKS How to get rid of stretch marks FAST

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Stretch Marks Good Bad Ugly

Stretch marks. Good, bad and ugly. as you may know, stretch marks are streaks or stripes on the skin especially on the abdomen, cased by distension of the skin from obesity or during pregnancy this is an example of pretty standard stretch marks I'd call them not bad here's more stretch marks only these look kinda cool

kinda like tiger stripes so i'd say they are good meanwhile these are straight up ugly ladies, ya gotta apply that cocoa butter during pregnancy otherwise your stomachs gonna look like that halfroasted nut sack. Deep in this persons heart they hate women with stretch marks. Hate stretch marks in hell! These stretch marks i'd say are bad

I mean I like watermelons i just don't want to think about one when i look at your stomach. Meanwhile you might think these stretch marks are bad but i think the body hair is even worse. Guy or girl I just thinkbeing shaved his better. These stretch marks look more like sand. I actually think they're kind of good. They remind me of earth and that makes me happy Body shaming only sometimes the answer. Right in the face! You see ladiesé she's rubbing cream on her belly which is what you should do if you don't wantto have horrible stretch marks during

pregnancy. Looks like this takes a little late on thecream *laughs* Oh, what women have to go through just to push a baby out their vaginas. Meanwhile men get orgasms WOOH! l bet you wish you had stretch marks now instead of twoarrows in your face. Okay, these stretch marks are kinda awesome I mean take an honest look at them it's almostlike you're seeing light come through the trees do you see ité I could juststare at those for like 30 or more seconds. These stretch marks make you look like yougot cut with a knife that just makes you seem hardcore. Say women can be beautifuldespite having stretch marks then I think

you've made your *gets interrupted* hey I was talking to her.why'd you have to kill heré! These stretch marks just give your body texture which Ithink is good now these stretch marks are disgusting and horrible remind me of thedesert and I don't like the desert, and her stomach kinda looks like a ninety yearold's rectum. Not that I look a lot at ninety year old rectums (Stop denying it, Greg) I'm just.shut up Oh Jesus. It's like your belly visited the opposite of the fountain of youth you think women which stretch marks can look pretty cool too huhé Yah, you're a good goat. These stretch marks are kinda bad. They ain't fancy or nothing. If you psych yourself out it almost looks like

someone's bending over with their butt hole showing. Do you see ité Do you see the person bent overé *lol* These stretch marks appear to be photoshopped but based on the redness I'd say there bad These ones are just ok not bad, not good, just okay. Meanwhile these ones are awesomelike the house cat attacked you and dug deep. Hey pop quiz. Do stretch marks on women actually look kinda cool and build characteré The answer was yes. Remember kids this is what you did your mother so justclean your god damn rooms okayé Don't make where you live look like as big of amess as your mother's stomach. This persons vagina's obviously so on fire that they put ice water between their legs that and they have stretch marks which are actually okay

Pregnancy Tips How to Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Stretch marks, ooh, nobody wants them. Theira common side effect of pregnancy. What can you do to prevent themé I'm Jill, fromTampa, Florida, going to tell you how you can prevent these stretch marks. Well, there'sno clear cut prevention, but it starts with weight gain. Don't gain too much weight, watchwhat you're eating, pregnancy doesn't mean you have a full right to eat whatever youwant and as much of it. Don't do that! The more weight you gain, the more likely youwill be to have stretch marks. Cocoa Butter, and other oils, or massage lotions can tryto prevent stretch marks by keeping the skin supple and preventing it from getting toostretched out. I have found one girlfriend

trick in pregnancy, and it's something thatI was told, I used it and it prevented stretch marks in me. Maybe you can use it. It's byClarins, you can get it at any department store, it's called L'huile Tonic, and it'san oil that you massage on your belly and it helps keeps the skin supple and helps toprevent the stretch marks. I also recommend placing it on your breasts and around theback on your hips cause those are other common places to get stretch marks, that you mightnot think about. So, try the Clarins, or any of the other maneuvers, and that will helpyou prevent stretch marks in pregnancy. I'm Jill Hechtman, from Tampa, Florida.Have a great pregnancy!

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