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No one likes stretch marks, but there wasn't much we could do about them until now. There's a new laser treatment called CoolBeam that could help eliminate those body scars. I was in Los Angeles recently and met with one of CoolBeam's inventors. Simon, what exactly is a stretch mark, and why do we get themé Stretch mark happens when your body goes through rapid growth, either through during pregnancy ____ or you go through a rapid growth doing when they go through growth cycle. Or you can get 'em bodybuilders could get 'em. Any weight loss or weight gain could cause you to have stretch marks too.

And when you look at a stretch mark, you feel that indentation. Is the skin tearing or is it the tissue underneathé What gives it that appearanceé Basically, in laymen's terms, your body grows faster than it can build up new collagen. So the skin becomes very thin in some areas, kind of cracking open. That's why we call stretch marks. Kind of affecting, the cracks open to make room for the skin to grow faster. So here's Natascha. She's in great shape. She's young and she's fit. She takes care of herself, yet she has tremendous stretch marks.

I had a son when I was nineteen years old. And I got a lot of stretch marks from giving birth. And it's something I've lived with through my early twenties and now my late twenties and something that I'm very selfconscious about. I can't go on the beach in a bikini. I can't wear low jeans. And it's something I just really would like to get rid of. Could that have been predicted or prevented in any wayé I wish there was a way that I could tell people to prevent all their stretch marks, but there really isn't. If you go through pregnancy and you genetically are predisposed to getting stretch marks, you're gonna get 'em. Now, up until now, there really hasn't been a laser that's been effective in terms of treating stretch marks. How does this worké

It works by producing new collagen underneath your skin to build up the areas of the skin that you lost your collagen. And also, add new color to the areas of the stretch marks that have lost their pigmentation. And in the meantime, I'm going to have you wear these cool glasses. Okay. When you first do the treatment, your skin turns red like a cooked lobster. But then laughter it starts to peel, and your skin goes through a lot of peeling. And then brand new collagen starts to build up in that area. And that's when it starts to fill up in the areas that you are lacking collagen. Is it uncomfortableé

No, not at all. You'll find stretch marks on girls' breasts if they grow too quickly. Men, all types of locations. Are there certain locations where you cannot use the CoolBeam laseré The lasers have been used for the past 30 years, and they are one of the safest modalities to use in medicine. So it's safe to be used on breasts, on reproductive organs, around your arms, everywhere in the body without having any longterm side effects. What else can you use this kind of treatment foré We have used it for chicken pox marks. We have used it for treatment of acne scars. And we have used it for people who have fine lines.

Also, it causes it to sand the skin down to make it more level to the areas of the valleys and peaks. So make everything more even throughout the skin. So in effect, yes, it will get rid of a lot of the ice pick scars and those acne scars that people get in all stages of their lives. Voila.Great. We're all done. All right. So now I'm going to numb the area again. And we're gonna see you in a couple weeks here. Wonderful.All right. Tell me, ultimately, what Natascha is going to see when this is all said and done.

botonics Dermapen 3 Medical Needling

Introducing the Dermapen 3, the world's leadingfractional microneedling device which works to tighten, lift and rejuvenate the appearanceof facial and body skin. The Dermapen 3 is effective in reducing the signs of fine lines,wrinkles, enlarged pores, stretch marks and keloid, surgical and acne scars. The Dermapen3 offers many advantages over its predecessors, dated rolling devices and other forms of microneedlingtechnology. Dermapen 3's exclusive AOVN technology increases the effectiveness of treatmentswhile reducing epidermal damage and drag when compared to other devices. The easy push buttonstart switch allows for convenient operation, while the deluxe 4 metre integrated cabledelivers greater freedom of movement, also

guaranteeing consistent mains power. Thismeans the practitioner is never challenged by variations in fluctuating power or depletedbatteries to ensure a constant and effective procedure. The Dermapen 3's patent pendingmicroneedling cartridge is sterilised in individual, single use packages which reducesany risk of crosscontamination. The precisely tuned tips are specially designed not to allowcosmeceuticals or other fluids to contaminate the device. This eliminates the need for specialmembranes required by other devices that are not precision tuned. The superior design ofthe high tensile springs used in Dermapen 3's needle tips enhances comfort and resultswhilst offering the safest and most controlled

method of treatment on the market. Dermapen3's unique cartridge contains 12 surgical grade stainless steel microneedles which can effortlessly be adjusted from zero to 2.5 millimetres in depth during the course of the procedure.This makes it easy for the practitioner to accommodate and treat multiple concerns whilsteffortlessly maneuvering around facial contours and delicate features including the eye, mouthand nose areas. All skin types, conditions and individual patient concerns are innovativelyand safely treated. Dermapen 3's multineedle cartridge vertically stamps the epidermispenetrating all skin thicknesses, textures and colours without the risk of bending orbreaking the needles or destroying epidermal

integrity. The sloped, or curved, insertionof needles on a rolling fractional device can create damage trenches in the epidermisand lacerate tissue. Increased pain, extensive bleeding and extended recovery timecan result. Dermapen 3's automated vertical stamping creates complete patient comfortwhilst ensuring rapid recovery. The exclusive AOVN mechanism facilitates the absorptionof topical actives such as DP dermaceuticals, PRP and other beneficial products into theskin. Overall results are intensified for a dramatic and long lasting effect. Dermapen3's gliding AOVN technology, combined with with our strongest motor to date, produces an unprecedented1,300 rejuvenating puncture channels per second

into the skin. This greatly enhances the effectiveness,whilst ensuring safe and consistent skin rejuvenation. The Dermapen 3 delivers unparalleled results,is cost effective, easy to use and delivers complete precision for skin treatment. Theinnovative and award winning technology, combined with low cost consumables, secures Dermapen3 as the world's most advanced break through for a radiantly beautiful skin.

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