Itchy Bumps On Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

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My Skin is Horrible During Pregnancy

My skin is horrible during pregnancy! I thoughtI was supposed to end up with this beautiful glow, but I want to hide in the dark. If your skin is turning dark during pregnancy,it'll return to normal after you have the baby. If it is developing dark lines, thatwill depend on where they are. My stomach. A dark line below the navel is probably apigmentation issue that will resolve itself. A series of stretch marks around the stomachand even the breasts are probably permanent. I see enough ads for skin cream for stretchmarks that something ought to work.

You might or might not reduce their appearancefor a while, but stretch marks are scars. They last a lifetime. Or until they are removed by laser treatment. Not while you're pregnant, they aren't. What I hate the most is the acne. Wait until you see what strikes the newbornon exposure to air after you bring him home. But the rash and raised bumps you have istypically treated by corticosteroid creams. I need relief now. Pity I can't take acnemedications, since so many of those cause

birth defects. You can use warm baths and wet cloth to treatit. I hate a lot of the rashes and rough skin. If you had psoriasis before pregnancy, itwill get worse with pregnancy, because the pregnancy suppresses your immune system. Oh, great, another thing to blame on the baby. If you have really dark skin patches on yourface, you can use superSPF skin cream. Or makeup with a high SPF rating. Then I coverit up and minimize it.

Melasma is so frequent it is sometimes calledthe mask of pregnancy. I would rather just wear a ski mask, but thatmight cause trouble when I go shopping. At least most of this clears up after youhave the baby.

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