How To Use Cocoa Butter Formula For Stretch Marks

How Do You Remove Stretch Marks David Reath Knoxville Plastic Surgeon

Hi everybody. I'm David Reath, and I'mgoing to talk about this week's TruthOMeter Tuesday question.The question we asked this week was basically a request from many of you from our previousweek. We asked about things that you wanted to knowabout, and one of the top things was stretch marks.So our question was this, quot;The only truly effective way to treat stretch marks is bysurgically removing the skin that contains the streth marks.quot;I would like to tell you that that was a quot;falsequot; or sort of a toss of a coin, but the factof the matter is, that's true.

The problem is this: stretch marks are reallyscars. And there's no way to eliminate a scar totally either than to remove the skin thatcontains the scar. People have tried different creams, peoplehave tried different salves, people hvae tried laser. None of these things really work onstretch marks. They're still there, and quite honestly I think the results for most of thesethings are not worth what you're going to pay for them.Now it is true that as time goes on stretch marks may fade a little bit, as do scars.But they won't go away unless you remove the skin that contains the scars.So I'm sorry to tell you all that the answer

to that is true. Most of you already knowthis, and got it right. So let's find out who won this week.Britney Phillips. Britney, congratulations, you're this week's winner.You get a $100 gift card, come on into the office. Pick that up. We'd love to see you.I thank everybody for playing this week, we had a great number of responses, and we'regoing to try to come up with a really good, interesting questionfor you again next week. So, see you then.

Best Stretch Mark Creams

hey everyone so for two days I'll taketutorial i'm going to be sharing with you guys my top 5 tips on how to get rid ofstretch marks now some of you may already have stretchmarks or maybe your mommies or mommy 2 b's or maybe you've suddenly gained orlost some weight now this is going to be a great tiptutorial because i'm going to share with you guys my top 5 tips on how to get ridof stretch marks so if you want to see what they areplease keep watching my first tip is

time using the lemon juice lemons are great natural remedy for manydifferent elements but it's also really good to help reduce the look of stretchmarks all you need to do is cut the lemon inhalf and then juice half , and put the rest away and then you might want to liedown for this important towel underneath you just rub the lemon juice on thesides or wherever it is that you have this stretch marks and let it sit forabout 10 minutes and then rinse the natural acidity in lemons really helpreduce the look of stretch words the

next book is using organic extra virginolive oil and the reason behind that is because olive oil has lots of vitaminsin it and also help soften the skin which really helps would we do that lookof stretch marks my third tip is using egg whites nowmany of you guys know I use egg whites for a lot of different things you canuse it for an eggwhite facial if you have oily skin it helps really dry outthe skin and if you have already started early here at the top it was really good tohelp drive that as well

now another thing we can do is eggwhites for is stretch marks all you do is be two egg whites together and youmay want to lie down for this we don't want to make a mess just putthe egg whites where you have to stretch more interested for about 10 to 20minutes and then rinse do this once a week and a my intention noticedsomething now i'm going to save the best for mylast two texts my fourth tip is using this amazing equally race natural bodyoil it has a sunflower oil olive oil hazelnut oil macadamia oil coconut oilmen during on lavender oil it has all

the amazing oil that smells great i'vebeen using it for about two weeks now because I have stretch marks on thesides of my guys i've had them since I was a teenager because I went throughthis is really weird gross but I never dealt with it i didn't really care aboutmy plan then now they're kind of this whitish palerscolor which means going to be harder for me to get rid of them completely but if you do have stretch marks thatare kind of pinkish or reddish in color is going to be easy for you to fullyrestore

so i've been using this stuff is amazingi love it and i'll put the links below if you want to know where I got it frommy last tip is a product that has been widely known to help get rid of stretchmarks and it's called bio oil now if you haven't heard of bottle oildefinitely take a look into it it's amazing for starring for stretchmarks for uneven skin tone aging skin dehydrated skin it's great to help with all those thingsit's also great for pregnant moms out there who have stretch marks that areearly on that are very new

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