Flat Abs With Stretch Marks

Abs and Oblique Stretch TIGHT ABS FIX

What's up, guysé Jeff Cavaliere, AthleanX . Having tight abs is probably high up on yourlist of priorities if you're here watching Washboard Wednesdays. But having tight abdominalmusclesé That is an entirely different story. As a matter of fact, that can create a lotof dysfunction in your other lifts and workouts. You see, the muscles in your core, particularlythe internal and external obliques, and your rectus abdominus – the six pack muscle – isactually causing a problem for a lot of your other lifts if they're allowed to become shortand tight. They become short and tight pretty easilybecause of two things. Number one: we hardly

ever stretch our abs. I'm going to try tocorrect that for you here today, by showing you three ways you can. Secondly: we sit a lot. Either we're drivingin a car on our commute to work, or while we're at work we're sitting. Even at night,we're sitting a lot. That allows these muscles to become a little bit tight. We have to realize when we look at these musclesthey're doing the same thing. They all have attachments, origins and attachments in ourrib cage and then down here in our pelvis. They take those two points when they're allowedto get tight, and they bring them closer together.

What happens when you bring your ribcage closerto your pelvisé You look like that. A lot of postural issues can come out of that.Actually, that can lead to other things that we think might be problems that aren't. Wesee people and we say quot;Oh, they have low lack of thoracic extension. They can't extend theirthoracic spine.quot; No, maybe they can't extend their thoracicspine because they can't extend the ribcage away from their pelvis because they have tightabs. Here's what we have to do to start addressing this: I take out a physio ball, like I'm showingyou here, and I lay over the top of it. A lot of you might do this instinctively becauseyou figure it feels good, or it stretches

you out a little bit. The big thing you haveto make sure you're doing here is separating the ribcage from the pelvis. I do that bygetting into a position where I first lay over the back of the ball, I get that ribcageexpanded, I get my arms up over my head, and then the key is dropping the hips. Dropping the pelvis father away from the ribcageso we can get that maximum stretch on the rectus abdominus. I can intensify that byjust adding a nice deep breath in. I'm not sure if you can see it or not while I'm doingit, but a nice deep breath in to expand the ribcage even more, and increase that stretchbeing felt on the rectus.

Now what I do is, again, you've got to dealwith the internal and external obliques, too. Those are big muscle groups that are impactingour posture in different ways. These are a little bit slanted compared to the up anddown orientation of the rectus abdominus. We can get at them, too. We can get at themby just turning ourselves over and getting on the side of the ball. Now we get on theside of the ball and the same thing happens here. Ribcage and pelvis: separate them. Dropthem as far away from each other as you possibly can. Now when you're leaving up over the ball,if you twist a little bit and lean back you

can get the external obliques to be a littlebit favorably stretched because you're taking them further away from the angle that heyrun into the ribcage. You're pulling that ribcage further away fromthe pelvis where the external obliques attach. The same thing can happen here when we goto the internal obliques. You just want to roll yourself down a little bit, still maintainthat side bend, because the real attachment here is the iliac crest, right on the sideof our hips. Get that a little further away and, again,rotate downward and get away from, or elongate, the internal oblique a little bit more. Youdon't have to do this all that often because

Men Say What They Secretly Think About Thigh Gaps

I saw a picture of afriend, where she was posed kind of weird, so that itlooked like she had a foot, in between her thighs. And I commented, kindahesitantly, thigh gap for days. And then I got a bunch oflikes, so I was okay, I think I understand what this trend is. I do know what a thigh gap is. A thigh gap is the desirablegap between a thigh for women

Because your legs must be that skinny. I'm still not 100% sure. I don't know why it'sgender specific either, like, will that then become athing that men are expected to have as wellé It seems like it'sdefinitely grown in popularity. Thanks to social media. Celebrities Photoshopping a thigh gap.

I don't really understandthe huge appeal and obsession over it. I honestly don't know why they would. I think the only thingthat would make a thigh gap desirable, is that you don't get chafing. Oh man. I don't I don't That's a good question,I don't think I ever really

looked for that. If I had to tabulate howmany of my exgirlfriends had thigh gaps, I'd have no idea. You know, I'm imaginingall the women that I've had a privilege of seeing naked. I can't call to mind a single thigh gap. I don't know, Iactually, yea I've never I would have to go back and check.

Probably the first thingI notice is just face, smile Smile or eyes Their smile and their eyes The face and the eyes. Probably smile, I feelyou could tell a lot about a person by their smile. The thigh gap is not somethingthat's like a make or break Usually I am lookingfor what is there and not

what is not there. You know what I meané Right when you're aboutto have sex, a guy is gonna be like ,quot; oh wait, there isno thigh gap there, nevermind.quot; No guy will ever say that. You're beautiful whether yourthighs are touching or not. Just seems like it'sgotten a lot more attention than it probably deserves. It's like I'm thinking ifyou put duct tape here

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