What Works Best On Old Stretch Marks

Best Way to Get Rid of Old Stretch Marks

What is the best way to get rid of old stretchmarksé I can't stand looking at these marks in the mirror anymore. Have another baby so that the new stretchmarks cover them up. I'm serious. And don't you dare suggest aCesarean section. Prevention would have been easier. Preventioné But then I wouldn't have had acute little baby at the end. I meant applying moisturizing creams as everythingexpanded or minimized weight gain so your skin didn't have to stretch more than it hadto.

Will moisturizing creams work nowé It will reduce their appearance, but it won'teliminate them. Kind of like wrinkle cream whose job is tohide the wrinkles. Makeup would work if you really wanted to. So would stretch pants and long shirts. ButI don't want to cover it all up. Stretch marks are scars left as the upperand lower levels of the skin separate and stretch. One of the few ways that will getrid of old stretch marks is lasers. Do I need to ask for a laser pointer for Christmasé

No. I'm referring to the same laser treatmentsthey use to burn hair follicles to leave smooth skin or burn away the upper layers of skinto eliminate tattoos. That sounds painful. I don't think it is much more painful thanthe women who get their eyebrows tweezed or threaded or otherwise plucked and pulled out. Are there herbal creams or rubs that eliminatestretch marksé No. Well, plenty sold to do that but nonethat actually do that. I heard that diaper rash creams could hidestretch marks.

Yes, but the thick layers of zinc oxide aremore obvious. I meant Vaseline. It'll moisturize the skin, giving you a healthyglow, but it won't get rid of the stretch marks.

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