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How to Prevent or Tighten Loose Skin from Weight Loss

Hi, it's Petrina Hamm, your go to girl forlearning how to make fit work in a crazy busy world and today I'm doing something a littlebit different and I'm gonna give you some straight talk on the touchy subject of looseskin. Buckle up folks! As someone who has lost 100 pounds and hasgone certified as a personal trainer, I get questions in both respects from people wantingto know if I've had loose skin and how I dealt with it. As a personal trainer, people askme if there is exercises they can do or a certain diet that's better than others asfar as handling loose skin so I figured it was time to make a tutorial addressing theseissues, but before I do, I did want to speak

to those of you out there who may be haven'tyet begun your weight loss journey and maybe the issue of loose skin is kind of scaringyou off from even taking the first step. I kind of want to put on my stern mommy hatand tell you just don't, don't. Making the issue of your weight about appearance alone,which I think is what you're doing if you're letting your fear of loose skin hold you backfrom making certain positive changes in your lifestyle when it comes to hwat you're eatingand how active you are is really, it's not good. Don't let your fear of having loosesaggy skin keep you from actually starting to make a change in your life. So there. There'sme with my nagging hats.

Okay so getting to the topic on hand aboutskin, it basically all comes down to the elastin and collagen. You can help boost the elastinand collagen by properly hydrating yourself, drinking enough water each day. By caringfor your skin with lotion. Make sure you are moisturizing your skin. There's certain evidenceout there that might suggest dry brushing can help prevent loose skin during weightloss. I'm not gonna advocate for or against. I think if you are spending like $5 on a drybrush, that's a good idea. It's just a little bit of money. What I don't think is a goodidea is spending a load of money on potentially snake oils or you know different purportedcures. Your genetics play a part in the elastin

and collagens. Some folks are really blessedwith really great genetics where they can bounce back after pregnancy or after extremeweight loss. Loss skin can come into play any time you'relosing a significant amount of weight andor you're doing it in a rapid pace, like morethan 12 pounds per week. You're not giving your body and your skin enough time to reallyslowly bounce back. Of course people carry fat differently on their bodies. Some peopleare gonna have it more on their tummy, some will have it more on their legs. Even whenI was 240 pounds, I still had what was my first boyfriend called it chicken legs. Ididn't have to really worry about that. I

still, I mean, hello. Ugh! I get really perturbedwhen I hear someone, whether or not they're a certified professional, someone who hasnever had a weight problem in their life trying to tell another person who does that all theyneed to do is eat cleaner. They need to work out more. They need to work out harder andthen if they ate cleaner and worked out harder, that loose skin wouldn't be an issue and thatis complete and total buck as someone who has known people who have lost an extremeamount of weight, as someone who has lost 100 pounds, that is not true. There are times where you cannot eat cleanenough or exercise hard enough in order to

get rid of loose skin. It is what it is. Somepeople will get loos skin, some people won't. There are a number of ways to deal with it.Some are less expensive than others. You'll find a number of different methods toutedout there for dealing with the unsightly issue of loose skin. The lease expensive of coursebeing just dealing with it, which I admire and applaud those who do so. I have friendswho have lost you know way more weight than I ever have and they will proudly wear twopiece bathing suits even though there is loose skin and I think that is awesome. If you'resomeone out there who does not want to have to deal with loose skin, there are differentways you can handle it, ranging from the really

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