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Men Say What They Secretly Think About Thigh Gaps

I saw a picture of afriend, where she was posed kind of weird, so that itlooked like she had a foot, in between her thighs. And I commented, kindahesitantly, thigh gap for days. And then I got a bunch oflikes, so I was okay, I think I understand what this trend is. I do know what a thigh gap is. A thigh gap is the desirablegap between a thigh for women

Because your legs must be that skinny. I'm still not 100% sure. I don't know why it'sgender specific either, like, will that then become athing that men are expected to have as wellé It seems like it'sdefinitely grown in popularity. Thanks to social media. Celebrities Photoshopping a thigh gap.

I don't really understandthe huge appeal and obsession over it. I honestly don't know why they would. I think the only thingthat would make a thigh gap desirable, is that you don't get chafing. Oh man. I don't I don't That's a good question,I don't think I ever really

looked for that. If I had to tabulate howmany of my exgirlfriends had thigh gaps, I'd have no idea. You know, I'm imaginingall the women that I've had a privilege of seeing naked. I can't call to mind a single thigh gap. I don't know, Iactually, yea I've never I would have to go back and check.

Probably the first thingI notice is just face, smile Smile or eyes Their smile and their eyes The face and the eyes. Probably smile, I feelyou could tell a lot about a person by their smile. The thigh gap is not somethingthat's like a make or break Usually I am lookingfor what is there and not

what is not there. You know what I meané Right when you're aboutto have sex, a guy is gonna be like ,quot; oh wait, there isno thigh gap there, nevermind.quot; No guy will ever say that. You're beautiful whether yourthighs are touching or not. Just seems like it'sgotten a lot more attention than it probably deserves. It's like I'm thinking ifyou put duct tape here

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