My Stretch Marks Are Tingling

ASMR Massage Spa Back Tickling Tracing Scratch Brushing Binaural Ear to Ear Whisper

Welcome To the ASMR Salon and Spa. just I am Corrina and my friend Joy is here to help me make a back tickling tutorials just for you. I'm just beginning with this simple strokes to kinda of introduce my hands to her back and start welcoming relaxation into these muscles of her back one of my favorite memories of mychildhood is having my back scratched or tickled.

to help me fall asleep at night. I always thought that it was just me who enjoys back tickling and back scratching. but it turns out that it's not just me. I also have a variety of brushes. So I will be doing some brushing on her back as well. And, later in the tutorial, I will also be using some massage oil on the back. but to begin I am just going to be using my dry hands and finger tips.

so anatomically speaking the spine is central to the body but it's also (Cat Meow) central role in the aspect of our nervous system. so quite literally all of nerves throughout our entire body largely connect back. to our spine so in applied kinesiology they actually have kind of mapped the spine to different organs and parts of the body. and in this way through massage and chiropractic for instance

Different issues in different parts of the body can be resolved. and on kind of a similar note having subluxations or issues with the spine can actually cause pain or dysfunction in other areas of the body. this is one of the many reasons why Yoga is beneficial so overall health. because taking care of our spine we are consequentially taking care our entire body and improving the nervous system. So with simple things like doing some basic stretching or yoga or paying attention to having good posture, we can have a wide range of positive effects on our overall health and wellbeing.

We have many tutorials on the Psychetruth channel specifically dedicated to relieving back pain and in general trying to improve the health our our spine through stretching and through yoga. And you will also find information about improving your posture as well. I think the reason that back tickling and back scratching is so very relaxing is because it forces our mind to stop thinking a little bit. So we can't see our back. So now our brain which usually wants to make sense of things and know what's going on, has to just kinda of surrender.

.and this is very, very relaxing. These super soft makeup brushes feel really nice on the skin. and we'll be doing a lot more tutorials with the brushes and brushing sounds If that something that you are interested in. We always love to see request and tutorial ideas. So thank you so much for leaving those for us along with your other feedback. yeah yeah it's

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