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Do Stretch Marks Go Away Try Revitol Stretch Mark Removal Cream

Stretch marks are a normal part of pubertyfor most girls and guys. When a person grows or gains weight really quickly (like duringpuberty), that person may get fine lines on the body called stretch marks. Most girlsand women have stretch marks, which tend to show up on the breasts, thighs, hips, ,waistand butt area. Many women get them during pregnancy as well. And while they're morecommon in girls, guys can get stretch marks, too.Stretch Marks can be very embarrassing. Especially for women ,it becomes hard to get into a bikinior wear shortsskirts as the stretch marks are clearly visible. In this tutorial , we explorethe million dollar question quot;do stretch marks

go awayquot; and what necessary measures one shouldtake to avoid developing these marks in the first place. This question is really difficult to answer.It has been observed that , With time stretch marks can gradually fade away and become reallylight. But what if you want to get rid of them immediately. One definite option is togo for Laser treatments. Laser treatments can improve the appearance of stretch marks,but they are expensive and often require several treatments. It is one form of cosmetic surgeryand the cost may go upto thousands of dollars. The other most popular alternative treatmentoption for people who really want their stretch

marks gone at relatively cheap price is SpecialStretch Marks creams and lotions . There are plenty of stretch marks creams available inthe market .Among them, probably the best one is by Revitol .Lets see some of the beforeand after pictures for Revitol Stretch Mark cream. Many of my friends have personallyused this and have had pretty good results with Revitol Stretch Marks Cream. So my suggestionis to definitely try out Revitol Stretch Marks Cream before you go for any kind of lasertreatment. You can on the link in Description below to get Revitol Stretch Marks Cream atan exclusive offer price. Do Subscribe to my channel for watching other tutorials. Thanksfor watching quot;Do Stretch marks go awayquot;

DIY Body Bronzer shimmer lotion for black womendark skin Glow in the sun

Hey guys, its me Breonna and with it getting hotside, I want to show you to get your skin glowing in the sun! So stay tuned! So the first thing you are going to need is a container to put your body bronzer lotion into Right here I'm using a recyclable container Apply your favorite lotion. I'm going to take my bath and body works paradise lotion. I love how this smells

So I'm just going to put this in my bottle Just to moisturize my skin totally optional but I'm going to apply a little bit of spf 30 into my lotion I live in Florida so its absolutely necessary that I have SPF in anything I use so I'm just applying a little bit then I'm using a little bit of my neutrogena body oil you can replace this and use baby oil instead

and this is just to have, you know, almost that nice greasy feel to this skin Last but not least I'm going to use some of my ELF body glow I am in love with this stuff! It is an absolute amazing body bronzer! Now I'm just taking some of the powder and applying into my lotion this stuff is really messy as you can see but I'm just going to put a little of it into my lotion you can use a lot, you can use a little

it really just depends on how much of a bronze glow you want on to the skin and then you're just going to mix up your evil concoction *laughs evilly* that's like my evil scientist lab laugh anway! so you're just going to mix up that lotion I am using a wisp I got from the dollar store I believe

I'm just mixing it. mixing it with my little wisp! and that's it, you guys! Let me show you what it looks like I'm just applying it to my arm so indoors, its a little shine. It's not much but when you step outsideé Yall see thaté Yall see that glowing glistening shine bronzing!

so this is what i pretty much do in the summer time. I put this on my legs This is very very glowly I put a lot in my lotion, just for, ya know, tutorial purposes but this is the bronzing lotion that i use on my legs in the summer time. and it just really makes you skin glow up close it looks like this but far away it just looks very luminous and glowing So I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial on my DIY bronzing lotion for dark skin

DermTV How to Treat Stretch Marks DermTV Epi 271

Hello, I'm Neal Schultz pause and welcome to DermTV. Today I'm going to talk about the treatmentof stretch marks. In another episode I discussed what they are and whatcauses them but today let's tackle the very difficult job of treatingthem. The most important thing I can tell you is that it's very importantwe be realistic and that we limit our expectations so we are not disappointedbecause under the best

circumstances, stretch mark treatment yieldsonly modest results, sure there is visible improvement but not a greatdeal of improvement and it's exceedingly unlikely that any treatment isgoing to completely eliminate your stretch marks. Let me just remind youwhat happens in a stretch mark. Both the epidermis and the dermis is thinned,they're both compressed so the stretch mark in cross sections sort ofsinks in and anything that restores volume to this area or restores volumeto the epidermis is of course going to help the appearance of stretchmarks. So let's start with

topical products because there are a lot ofproducts we use to help improve lines and wrinkles and the way they do thatis by restoring volume. The way they restore volume is either by increasingthe thickness of the epidermis or by stimulating the production of collagenor even the production of glycosaminoglycans which is the pink areain the middle of the dermis that has the hyaluronic acid and that forms thatsemiliquid matrix that the collagen and all the organs float in. so thetopical products that we use to do that are retinoids, other exfoliantslike glycolics and sometimes we

even use microdermabrasion and we also usepeptides. Now all of these work through the process of stimulating some collagenproduction, some glycosaminoglycan production, which againhas the hyaluronic which binds the water and fills it up and they also workby thickening the epidermis. But of course, results are going to be modestand side effects usually consist of occasional irritation as with anyexfoliants in which case you need to just back off a little bit. If topicalproducts like vitamin E and shea butter and cocoa butter are of any valuein treating stretch marks

it's only in their improving the appearanceof the surface, the very top of that thinned epidermis but it's not goingto do anything to increase volume. The next type of treatment concernsmechanical stimulation of the dermis, again to promote collagen and refillingof volume. So again things like dermarollers may actually help. Lastand perhaps most important is the laser treatment of stretch marks. Whenwe're talking about lasers here were talking only about nonablative lasers,those are the ones that don't break the surface of the skin but they transmitheat and energy into the

middle of the dermis to increase the volumeof collagen and to stimulate collagen production and glycosaminoglycanproduction. An example of a laser like this is the Fraxel laser. Most importantly,occasionally we combine all three types of modalities, topical products,mechanical stimulation of the dermis and lasers. But again, beware;limit your expectations, because under the best circumstances your improvementis only going to be modest. Two more points, I know of no products thatwill prevent stretch marks and if you're developing stretch marks duringpregnancy don't ever use

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