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hello I'm back home don't mind my messyhair this is just who I am so you're gonna have to deal with ituhhuh hi ok so the last time i did a pregnancyblog we were on the cruise which is really exciting we took a babymoon whichif anybody has the opportunity to take a babymoon before your baby comes out iwould highly suggest it um there's so much happening with apreparing for the baby and getting all this stuff together that you don't wantto lose that really important time with your partner and that like beautifulintimacy and it was just a way for us to

not only for the both of us to getcloser but even get closer to the baby and and just kind of celebrate all ofthat together so solos and i escaped and it was perfect and beautiful and superawesome and it helped to recharge us because now we're back home and reallyready to jump in it and I keep looking around there's so many things I want totalk about things that people kind of sent us things that you guys wrote inthat have been like beyond helpful and I don't know if everybody goes through andread the comments so I kind of picked some of the things that I thought okaythese are things we totally need to talk

about and these are products that ireally want to try so so yeah I'm really excited to just kind of jumped into itof one of the big things that i was talking about in the last blog wascosleeping and there were so many comments about that you had a bunch ofpeople who had a lot of positive things to say on on cosleeping and I thinkthere were a handful people who were against it because they've heard ofhorror stories and obviously you have to be very mindful and careful whilecosleeping but two awesome things kind of popped up while while researchingthat a little bit more

one of them was the halo bassinet which I really really like i can getsuper simple it kind of just like pulls up next to your bed your baby is rightthere right next to you so if you're worried about you know sleeping in thesame bed with your baby you can always pull up the halo bassinetright next to the bed um I think I'm gonna have one of thoseso i'm getting over a little bit of a cold so i have this cough I'll be fineokay so you can pull that up to the bed and I think that's a great idea ofsomething else that people were talking

about and it was actually sent to me andI didn't even realize how amazing this thing was until I started really goingmy research I thought it was just sent and I'm like oh cool little thing thatthe baby can hang out and having no idea kind of just how amazing it so basicallyit's this sleeping thing I've got to see it is called taught I'm trying toangle it and they come back i have two different size it's one is like aninfant newborn and that's the 1i was just holding up and then there's areally big one which would just take over this entire screen but this one isgreat because I can actually put this in

the bed with me it doesn't take up toomuch space where he can actually sleep next to me and there isn't a worry of akind of rolling over I feel like he could be really safe inthere you know when I grew up my mom had all of us in the bed for the first Ithink like six months or something and then moved us into the cribs and thenslowly into bed and what not but watching her because I'm theoldest of six and the youngest is only seven years old I've really watched howshe's gonna and and and i really like that i love i love that connection ilove how much easier it was and and you

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