Can Thigh Stretch Marks Go Away

DIY Stretch marks Do stretch marks go away Recipe full HD

Hello sweethearts! Welcome to Hungry Sammy Today I want to show you my recipe against stretchmarks, scars and dry skin. For this cream we use the double broiler method And for that we need a pot with water that we put on the stove. And bring it to a boil Be careful to leave enough room for the water not to touch the bowl on top. On top of that we put our bowl in witch we mix our ingredients together We also need a spatula to mix it.

For our cream we need to melt out organic shea butter Next to that we need evening primrose oil evening primrose oil works wonders on your skin avocado oil helps with acne and works as a natural sunscreen and we will need vitamin e it helps to reverse premature skin aging while melting out shea butter please keep the temperature low.

104° F is more than enough We will add 1 Tbsp of vitamin e The vitamin e is optional I personally like it. But you have to try it out and see for yourself 5 Tbsp of evening primrose oil And 12 Tbsp of the avocado oil I prefer the smell to be less nuttier and fruitier so I added a few drops of organic blood orange oil

Now mix well. Fill up your glass containers and let it cool down and harden in the fridge And enjoy! It will easily keep for up to 6 months Store in a cold and dark place And use a spoon, not your finger! 😀 Thank you for watching my tutorial! I hope you enjoyed

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